The Alpine Collection

Created in 2018, the Apline Collection is the combination of two luxury ski chalet companies to form one market leading exclusive brand.


Following the meteoric rise of White Mountain Chalets and the subsequent purchase of local rivals The Apline Club, Chilli Twist we're asked to create a new brand and parent identity that would sit over the top of the two established brands.


How to avoid confusion. Both are located in the beautiful French skiing village of St Martin de Belleville and have been run as seperate entities with loyal customers on both sides.

More capacity to fill. The business now had nine chalets to fill during the ski season instead of six.


Creation of a new brand followed by increased marketing activity and improved communication with 3rd party booking agents to increase enquiry levels and chalet occupancy.


The Alpine Collection

  • Brand Creation
  • Logo Design
  • Internal Communication
  • Press & PR
  • New Product
  • Email Marketing
  • Print Design
  • Market Research
  • Email Signatures
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The Process

Now combined, the challenge was to maintain customer brand loyalty and avoid confusion whilst introducing a new brand to market. A business name was created through market research, a logo was designed followed by full brand documentation for the newly formed Apline Collection.

Once the brand was created we introduced it to the 3rd party booking agents via an email campaign and agent specific landing page that enabled them to see the brands side by side for the first time. Clients of White Mountain Chalets and The Alpine Club were then introduced via respective links on each brands website and introductary offers via email caimpaigns.

The Result

The two companies are successfully run in tandem under their new luxury brand. Customers of White Mountain Chalets and The Apline Club are being

“The whole transition was very smooth. We have seen an increase in awareness across all our digital channels and an equally dramatic increase in bookings”

— Ruth Downey, Owner, The Alpine Collection.

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