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Discover the secrets of better engagement, increased web traffic and more leads by taking your digital marketing skills to the next level.

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We want you to get the most out of your training session, so we will provide pre course forms for the team to complete, in as much details as they like! This helps our trainer to understand exactly what they want to learn as well as certain areas of common challenges and gaps within the team’s knowledge.

Before your training you will have already undergone an onboarding call and an agreed agenda for the day, our processes have been tried and tested and allow us to deliver the highest quality and most suitable training journey for your business.

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At Chilli Twist, we like to break the mould of your normal, death by PowerPoint training! Our training courses are interactive, we encourage questions throughout.

We can provide live examples which we walk the team through step by step as well as getting the team involved in workshop style tasks to ensure all delegates feel fully equipped to hit the ground running post workshop.

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You won’t get rid of us that easy! After your session, we always check in on you to see how everything is working out.

In our experience there is nothing worse than getting bombarded with new tools and ideas only to be left to fend for yourself. Your trainer will be available on phone for any follow up queries you may have.

We always provide the delegates with a feedback forms. Our forms will allow you to tell us how the training went, what did you learn, what did you enjoy as well as helping to identify any other areas for further improvement and training.

"We found the training to be very useful and informative. Can’t believe some of the features that we were not using!! Already changed that from this week."

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Digital Strategy Workshop

Digital Strategy Workshop

Duration: 1 - 2 Days

This course will take you through a digital strategy from start to finish. Our trainer will work with the team closely to put together a strategy that encompasses the business goals, brand, audience and industry.

We can cover all aspects of the marketing mix and even provide ongoing strategy management post course to ensure you stay on track and to help with any bumps in the road along the way.

Our strategy sessions can be based around a current strategy which isn’t quite delivering, a review of your current strategy or working with the team to put one together from scratch, and ensuring the team feel confident to implement this as soon as the session is over.

Topics we can cover:

  • Social Media Management
  • Content Strategy
  • SEO & Paid Search
  • Inbound/Outbound Marketing
  • Email Marketing
Social Media Management Workshop

Social Media Management Workshop

Duration: 1 - 2 Days

Social media is one the most important elements of a digital strategy, however if you’re do it wrong, you can quickly make your audience feel disengaged with your brand. Social media is all about engaging content, having a personality and planning your strategies well with clear goals, that all your team are on board with.

We can look at what you’re currently doing, if anything, and help to get your social strategy on track to achieve any goal your business has, whether it’s website visits, engagement or brand awareness.

Topics we can cover:

  • Overview of Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Social Media Insights
  • Goals, Metrics and Success Measuring
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SEO Workshop

Duration: 1 Day

Search engine optimisation is the process of your website being found online, something that every business wants, however there are important elements to SEO that you should know in order to keep your business visible online and to ensure you are getting the right type of clients visit your page.

We can look at what you’re currently doing, if anything, and help to get your social strategy on track to achieve any goal your business has, whether it’s website visits, engagement or brand awareness.

Topics we can cover:

  • What is Search Engine Optimisation
  • SEO Strategy and Management
  • Understanding Keyword Placement
  • SEO Auditing
  • Types of SEO
  • Google & SEO Tools
  • Goals, Metrics and Success Measuring
Paid Search Workshop

Paid Search Workshop

Duration: 1 Day

Setting up PPC campaigns can be a really exciting and lucrative way of generating enquiries, however it can also be a waste of time and money if you don’t really understand what you are doing.

We can teach you everything from setting up your first campaign, to looking at previous campaigns and what worked against what didn’t, and formulating a strategy from here.

Topics we can cover:

  • What is PPC?
  • Overview of PPC campaigns
  • Google Ads or Paid Social?
  • Campaign Set Up
  • PPC Tools
  • Goals, Metrics and Success Measuring

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