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How to get a better SEO score

If you are on this page then we can assume there is a problem. There are 3 key areas that can cause a poor SEO score:

Fat Images
The problem with those amazing pictures of the business you took with your mobile phone is they could be between 3mb - 5mb in "weight". Search engines like Google does not like heavy images dragging down the load time (the moment someone clicks to the moment your website appears) of your website. Any website images need to be at the correct size and compressed for speedy loading.

Keyword Placement
You need to tell search engines what you do, who you are and what services you provide. Otherwise when a potential client searches for what you provide - Google will not show your website in the results. This is achieved by ensuring your keywords and phrases are in the correct places. And no, you can't just write your keyword a thousand times in white font on a white background at the bottom... This is not the nineties and Google is far too smart for that.

Slow Loading
Along with the fat images mentioned above, your website carries other baggage in the form of behind the scenes code it needs to generate all the fancy bells and whistles you have. Areas like gallery sliders, contact forms and navigation bars are examples of this extra code which slows your page from loading quickly.

Google PageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed Insights is a free SEO tool from Google that shows your score and useful suggestions to make your web site faster. Enter your website address on the PageSpeed Insights website for more SEO analysis.

Need a hand?

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