our story

We have in a desk drawer at Chilli Twist HQ one of our first promo flyers

It was for our email marketing company NewZapp and was written around the turn of the new millennium. All of the computers in the world didn’t expire as predicted and everyone was getting used to saying ‘I love the noughties’. We described how to start sending “email newsletters” in five easy steps, the first one was:

"Connect your PC to the internet"

It’s amazing to think about the changes we have witnessed to digital communication in those 20 years. Broadband, Apple, Social Media, YouTube and Google have all changed how, where and when we communicate and consume information.

We’re huge believers in engagement

In our opinion, the smartphone revolutionised Digital Marketing engagement. For example, in 2007 email marketing was in a bit of a slump, emails were long text based tough reads and we all sent them out on Tuesdays & Thursdays because we were told to by marketing gurus.

Then Steve Jobs and his iPhone changed things forever. Marketers had a new medium to communicate with 24/7. Emails had to be mobile responsive, punchy and have a clear call to action (that bit your marketing agency keeps telling you your emails must have).

Engagement, analysing the results and planning an effective strategy all became important. Ensuring all communications could reach our audience was key. Digital marketing with its multiple touchpoints was here to stay.

So where are we now?

Chilli Twist continues to go from strength to strength. It’s fun to remember a young fresh-faced Trevor & Darren at the start of this digital journey. We would love to spend 30 minutes with them, mostly to tell them to buy as many Apple shares and bitcoins as they could!

We now supply organisations like Network Rail, Neat Burger, Cirque le Soir, White Mountain Chalets and many London based restaurants and bars with digital marketing insight and the power to reach all of their respective target markets.

Trust your marketing to Chilli Twist

At Chilli Twist we spend time getting to know your business so we can deliver any element of marketing you require with measurable performance that maximises your brand and your vision.

Brand reputation, lead capture and overall reach are vitally important goals to your organisation’s digital strategy.

We take great pride in knowing our company, our software and our people will help you achieve these goals.

Cirque le Soir - Brand dominance in all digital channels

Chilli Twist have taken the time to really understand the needs of our unique nightclub brand that is Cirque le Soir. As a result they have been able to deliver a digital marketing strategy that month after month brings in hundreds of booking enquiries. I would highly recommend them, these guys know their stuff!

Charlie Allen – Brand Director Cirque le Soir
A passion for all things creative is at the heart of everything at Chilli Twist

A background in hospitality, 20 years of creating compelling marketing strategies and a passion for all things creative has led us to Chilli Twist.

Our customers all have one thing in common, a desire to drive more business through digital marketing.

With a vertical focus, that enables us to get deeply involved across multiple aspects of a customer's business, we are able to help deliver on that desire.


Chilli Twist grew out of the needs of our customers.

We saw so much digital marketing being done badly that we wanted to deliver more than just email marketing to our customers which we had done for 20 years through our sister company, NewZapp.

Once we launched, in 2015, our customers quickly began asking for more assistance with their marketing both digital and traditional. Since then we have established ourselves as the marketing agency that gets results including becoming an award winning agency in 2018 .